The mission is to create and instigate work of deeply integrated sound and motion within a process that is vigorously intertwined and viscerally transmitted.

Albert Mathias has been creating music for movement in San Francisco since 1991, he is a multi-disciplinary musician whose focus contains accompaniment, composition and sound design for dance/theater,  CD and film , as well as solo works for the stage. Since 1998 Mathias has been  Music Director of La Alternativa, a perpetual experiment of dance training, choreography, improvisation and performance with dancer/choreographer Kathleen Hermesdorf. La Alternativa has produced three evening length works for the stage and released five works for CD Audio since 1999.  Albert is also a founding member and primary percussionist for international touring/recording artists  LiveHuman, an improvisation-based trio, with bassist Andrew Kushin and DJ Quest. The band has released 5 critically acclaimed albums since 1998 and have been recognized as "local sonic renegades...stretching the boundaries of improvised music..." by SF Weekly’s Best of the Bay 2003.

In 2000, Mathias was nominated for an Isadora Duncan Award for Original Sound Score for BLUE 2000 by Motion-Lab and composed the sound score for Artists In Exile, a dance documentary by RAPT Productions currently showing in film festivals worldwide. In 2006 Mathias  received a New York Bessie award for his work on Bebe Miller's "Landing/Place"  an evening length multimedia performance which has toured the continental US extensively. His sound has been received as "...deeply original, woozy, brainy music that causes instant, almost involuntary movement..." by Tracie Broom/SF Metropolitan and his performance has been acknowledged as " absorbed in his music he looks about to bawl one moment and burst into giggles the next" by Rachel Howard/SF Examiner.

He introduced the solo CD, ENTRANCE in 1999 and Proud People Pet the Pigeons in 2001. In 2003, he engineered music from the dance studio in Montreal, the stage of ODC Theater and his home base, Cloud Nine Recreation Center in the triple release of Resonant Restorations, BLUE 2000 and Super-Cali-Fragilistic. In 2006 he released KimoSabe Tricycle and finally Scores as well as Spirit Blind Cage in the fall of 2010. Albert also released "Introducing "StRiCtLy AlBeRt" 2hr mp3 audio documentation of the 240 live tube-prov video experiments in 2011.

Mathias was a member of the multi-disciplinary performance group, Contraband from 1995-97 and has worked independently in the dance field with Raisa Punnki - Red xing & All Blue, Group Six - Improvisations, Kim Epifano & Kathleen Hermesdorf - Polar Shift, Sue Roginski & Mercy Sidbury - S.O.S., Deborah Slater Dance Theater - A Hole In The World, Dominique Zeltzman & Hermesdorf - Nostalgia Sea, Norman Rutherford & Marintha Tewksbury - Brittle and Scott Wells - Rebound. He has accompanied classes for Kim Epifano, Sara Shelton Mann, Bill T. Jones, KT Nelson, and Knee Jerk Dance Project.

An improviser and instrumentalist since the age of nine, Mathias began with cello, choir, trap drums and musical theater in Chicago, then relocated to study North Indian percussion at Ali Akbar College of Music and California Institute of the Arts, training in traps, tabla, voice and accompaniment under the guidance of masters Amiya Dasgupta, John Bergamo and Leonice Shinneman. He has also had the honor of private study with legends Pandit Swapan Chauduri, Sri Ravi Bellare, and the late great Tony Williams. Albert proudly plays a custom wireless electronic midi percussion controller called Zendrum.
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