The mission is to create and instigate work of deeply integrated sound and motion within a process that is vigorously intertwined and viscerally transmitted.

Alternative Conservatory exists to cultivate, enrich, and affect the form and field of dance via professional level training in 21st century motives, manifestations and relationships to other art forms. It is an immersive, intensive, international, modular and mobile training ground, and an arena for serious engagement and exchange, focused in and on the field.

Alternative Conservatory is based in practice, experience, interaction and exchange.  The program presents a thorough and diverse training, engaging the physical body, filtering information through its systems, and training in living, expanding forms at the intersections of contemporary techniques, improvisation, performance and discourse. Thematic threads integrated by the faculty offer a depth of experience within a focused container of information.  Modular and mobile, it presents opportunities to immerse in a variety of cultures and communities, as well as access to and into the field.

Alternative and complementary to academia, altering and intensive in nature, and utilizing connections native to the landscapes it occupies, Alternative Conservatory is rooted in, serves, and conserves the fields of dance and related forms by collecting and disseminating unique bodies of knowledge and bodies in motion that are taking part in shaping art and culture.

Our vision

Alternative Conservatory