P.O.R.C.H. is Ponderosa's intensive summer school in dance & related forms.  PORCH collaborates with Kathleen Hermesdorf/Alternative Conservatory for Module 1.  She has been a part of Ponderosa and PORCH since their inceptions.  As co-curators, conspirators, teachers, and directors, Hermesdorf and Maher offer a contained, yet open structure for the serious practitioner, with weekly infiltrations by international guest artists.

PORCH/Alternative Conservatory
Module 1 - Training/Improvisation

June 2-29

FOR aspiring and professional dancers, improvisers, movement artists, and performers interested in a physical discourse engaging methods of contemporary dance training, somatic investigation and improvisational forms. 

THE FOCUS is on the body and contemporary movement forms, as well as the individual co-existing with others and in nature. The work is a bridge between classic and contemporary modalities that meets at the intersection of precision in technique and technology and freedom in improvisation and natural spaces. The practices are grounded in the body and it's intuition, inquiry and instincts, incorporating artistic and life/survival practices, professional development and theoretical concerns around embodiment. Each week, a guest teacher will also lead sessions, allowing us to explore a more broad range of perspectives on how we can experience the contemporary body in motion and in art making today, while also offering direct exchange in cultural and field research.

PORCH MODULE 1 is the longest and the most physically demanding.  It requires an active body and eclectic mind to be available for all aspects of movement practices, as well as tracking yourself energetically and in relationship.  It is an intensive survey of the body as informer, educator, author and medium, and provokes discussions and questions around life practice and embodiment, motion and performance.  We are dancing, improvising and partnering 6-10 hours daily from Monday-Friday with evening discussions, jams, saunas, performances, gardening and countryside walks in between and on the weekends.  We also undertake a work projects that affect or influence the land and collective in Stolzenhagen.  Each individual is expected to work at their full potential, understand their limits, and be prepared for spontaneous events during the 4 weeks.  2014 Faculty  - Kathleen Hermesdorf, Stephanie Maher, Peter Pleyer, Kirstie Simson, Hanna Hegenscheidt, Sandra Wieser, Alicia Grant, Zinzi Buchanan

PORCH is a three month intensive project inspired from many years of international collaborations and the networking of Ponderosa artists. The program is guided by a professional team of curators and faculty successfully active in the creative and performance fields from various countries. In 3 one-month long modules, P.O.R.C.H. presents a diverse training ground for a new or continuing perspective in performance and improvisational life practice.

Application Deadline May 10th   

To apply, send CV and Letter of Interest to: